About us

Sonja Janes


As a co-founder of True Love Collective, Sonja’s passion is to help people see who they truly are and be an example for making our world a better place for generations to come.

Since early childhood, Sonja has utilized her extrasensory abilities to navigate through life. Seeing the real world through the eyes of a child seemed unbearable at times, but it made her strong and deeply compassionate.

Sonja’s love for the Earth and all its living beings reflects in her lifestyle and work.

Her latest project, SpiritLand on Owl Creek Ranch, is an example of her co-creations of beautifying natural spaces to amplify spiritual growth and rejuvenation.

She deeply connects with the powerful forces of nature and is a catalyst for your transformation. Her instincts are always on high alert when it comes to rescuing all beings in the animal kingdom.

I am right here by your side, supporting you in this great time of evolution for the liberation of all sentient beings.

Cornelia Victoria


The most beautiful thing is to see somebody’s eyes light up again, showing their passion to be fully alive, making what seemed impossible into a dream come true

Cornelia Victoria is inspiring people to create a fulfilling and impactful life while supporting each other. 

Her vision to create a peaceful world builds the foundation for True Love Collective, a world-wide community for leaders who offer events that connect us all to Gaia.

After a successful career in the consulting world, Cornelia left to build her own family and had two children. A terrible tragedy ripped her family apart. Cornelia lost everything and had to start all over again. 

Finding back to life was a long and very hard journey. Her own healing evolution, paired with a fundamental coaching education, informs the foundation of her intuitive work.

She made a shift into charitable work. Today she is a writer of soul-activating books as well as columns for several magazines and facilitates life-changing experiences.