FeelNowAdventure - VIP Nature Experience for Brilliant Minds

A Sonja Janes & Cornelia Victoria Event

in SpiritLand on Owl Creek Ranch

located in the foothills of Temecula Wine Country

August 31st 2019 

10:30 am - 5:00 pm

You are ready to take Your World to the Next Level of Change

And you know that working harder is not the solution. Everything you desire is closer than you think, such as your deepest passions and loving connections. 


People assume they know you. Despite having accomplished a lot in your life, there is still something missing. It can get really lonely out there. What used to be so important to you, has now become routine. 


The impulse for change cannot be ignored any longer. Reclaim your soul's calling, your playfulness and your passion for life. It is time!

This powerful VIP Nature Experience is for you if you are ready to

· be very clear about what you really value and desire in your life

· let your heart open with true intention 

· feel fully passionate about your goals

· have confidence in your own unique gifts 

· know you can trust your intuition 

· reconnect with your tribe and be a catalyst for meaningful transformation

Cross the threshold...

to an extraordinary experience that will deepen your connection with the Universal Wisdom that is within you. Let the power of the Natural World guide you to “lead with the heart,” liberating you from what does not serve you anymore.

You will leave here with cutting-edge tools that accelerate your evolution to foster a deeper presence in all your relations. 

About us

Sonja Janes


Sonja Janes & Cornelia Victoria create meaningful connections by sharing their insights and facilitating experiences that go into the deepest aspects of loving and living. Each adventure is customized to the specific energy blueprint of our attendees. The FeelNowAdventure takes place in the most magical settings worldwide where you are connected with Mother Nature and the powerful Wisdom inside of you.

Cornelia Victoria

is passionate about inspiring people to live fully and create deep, loving relationships
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How can you attend the FeelNowAdventure?

We carefully choose the right participants to join a small group of brilliant minds who are ready to live their mission. Our experiences are highly curated, but not in the “usual” way. 

It is not important how many books you have read or written, how many followers you have on Social Media or how many radio talk shows you have done. It does not even matter if you are rich and famous.

What we do care about is that you are kind, authentic, have a sense of humor and that you love life and co-creating.

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The VIP Event begins on Saturday, August 31st, promptly at 10:30 am. Check-in is at 10.00 am.  The experience includes a meditative walk, hot seat, conversations with like-minds, a refreshing lunch, activities such as sacred sound immersion, a multidimensional guided journey, and a final toast to celebrate life.


SpiritLand is surrounded by precious wildlife, providing an extraordinary setting to all who are dedicated to spiritual growth and connecting with Nature. 

F.Y.I. This is a rustic ranch location. Appropriate attire is recommended.